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DingHong & Partners was founded on a belief that quality, cost-effective patent prosecution is critically important to the long-term needs of companies. As such, the firm takes special pride in our patent prosecution group. Members of the firm have experience with all aspects of prosecution, from drafting to oral arguments at the PRB. Our core philosophy is that prosecution is a skill acquired through training and mentorship.

Most of DingHong & Partners' clients are either Chinese companies with significant operations overseas or overseas companies. Thus, the firm places strong emphasis on experience in other jurisdictions and on foreign language abilities. The firm is experienced in representing clients to file patent applications in the U.S., Europe, Korea and Japan.

DingHong & Partners has experience in negotiating, drafting, reviewing, and enforcing license agreements covering all aspects of IP, and in all technical disciplines. Specifically, we are involved in working with companies to generate standard license agreements, as well as custom agreements. 

DingHong & Partners has a great team to practice litigation. For large litigations, the firm partners with a commercial / IP litigation boutique firm to maximize value and efficiency to the client. We maintain affiliations with a number of renowned litigation boutiques and work together to get the most effective result for our clients. When working on a large litigation matter, the firm handles the patent-centric matters, while the litigation boutique firm handles the litigation-centric matters. By using a two-firm approach, each can focus on their specialty leading to higher quality results for our clients

Another forward-looking aspect of DingHong & Partners' practice is our in-house searching capabilities. In order to provide quality searching, the firm has hired several former Patent Examiners, who can provide the client with quick determinations as to the likelihood of obtaining a patent, which avoids companies using unnecessary resources on inventions of questionable patentability. In addition, "knockout" validity searches can be performed to assess the quality of competitors' patents, providing our clients with the ability to make informed business decisions.

As advocates of innovation, DingHong & Partners is constantly on the cutting edge and our 3D topographical patent landscaping tool truly speaks to this aspect of the firm. By leveraging our IP expertise, we are uniquely suited to provide our clients with a landscape terrain; information on what is out there, advice on where to focus research and development efforts, and a competitor's analysis. 

Our landscaping search is a deeper analysis of patent and non patent references after completion of the state of our patent searching. The landscaping categorizes patents into fundamental discoveries versus incremental improvements, and creates a visual display of patenting over time periods and even the history of development of a technology.

We use this tool to determine whether to enter a specific research area. It gives a broad overview of a technology area or industry over time, and both expired and un-expired patents are included as references.

Patent landscaping uncovers: 
• Market opportunities for licensing 
• Competitive technology trends 
• Gaps in corporate patent portfolios 
• Opportunities for entry into new markets 
• Targets/risks for patent infringement litigation 
• Opportunities for redirecting research and development efforts 

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