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DingHong & Partners provides its clients with a wide range of trademark expertise including counseling, availability investigations, selection and branding strategies, Chinese and international trademark application filing, and prosecution of applications to registration and enforcement.

The firm works successfully with its clients on thounsands of trademark/service mark applications and, while the number of registrations handled is significant, the firm provides experience and counseling along with quality application filing and prosecution. 

The firm has experience and business knowledge to provide effective and important initial client counseling regarding selection, use, and prosecution of trademark applications for registration. 

Representation includes Chinese
 companies with significant operations overseas and many clients are overseas companies with a significant interest in the Chinese markets.

Opinions and Advice
DingHong & Partners' trademark team has more than 20 years of trademark experience both in prosecution matters and litigation matters. Trademark legal concerns may arise in a wide number of situations, and the firm relies upon its specialized trademark education, ongoing training, and depth of experience to assist clients in understanding the potential ramifications of such a situation. 

Trademark Licensing and other Agreements
Trademarks and service marks constitute a unique variety of intellectual property that has attributes of both property ownership and "regulation" and consumer protection against confusion as to the source and sponsorship of goods and services. Special provisions are required in agreements in order to effectively transfer trademark rights, and effective control provisions are important in licensing agreements to properly preserve the owner's trademark rights. 

Due Diligence and Investigations 
In due diligence inquiries or litigation preparation, these issues are considered when determining the enforceability of licensed or transferred rights. Effective acquisition of valid trademark rights, appropriate licensing of trademark rights, maximizing the value of such rights, and fashioning business resolutions to disputes are all goals we pursue through properly prepared trademark related agreements. 

Trademark Searching
DingHong & Partners' trademark team is versed in the capabilities of on-line investigations to respond to certain specific trademark questions. In cases of trademark selection we also understand the limitations of on-line searching tools. For more significant cases, we consult with the client to determine an appropriate search strategy, and it is often necessary to enlist the services of one of the best available trademark searching firms. In these situations, we effectively serve as the liaison between the searching firm and our clients to facilitate effective design of the search strategy and to critically analyze the results to provide guidance for mark selection, conflict avoidance and protection strategies.


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