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Fast-evolving technology creates new and often confusing legal issues and processes for businesses trying to protect their intellectual property and minimize the risks of doing business in a global environment. Our attorneys provide practical and strategic solutions as our clients establish and manage their copyright portfolios in a fluid economic and legal landscape. Our experienced attorneys can lead you through this process effectively and efficiently.

Our attorneys work with clients in virtually every industry and throughout the world. This broad experience and our attention to legal and technological changes equips our attorneys to provide valuable counsel to almost any client.

We vigorously enforce our clients’ copyrights and steadfastly defend them against infringement claims. When disputes arise, our attorneys analyze the facts and merits and work with the client to devise a plan of action with a bias for resolution without litigation. Because resolution cannot always be obtained outside of court, we strategically and economically litigate copyright infringement cases around the country.

Our copyright attorneys have experience dealing with copyright issues for clients across a number of industries, including: 

  • Technology and software
  • Print and Internet publishing
  • Architecture and construction
  • Television, radio and newspaper
  • Retail, including e-commerce
  • Travel and resorts
  • Toy manufacturing and marketing
  • Energy
  • Music publishing and sound recordings
  • Fashion and jewelry
  • Banking and finance
  • Textile and carpet designs

Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in matters involving a wide array of legal issues, including:  

  • Fair use
  • Copyright misuse
  • Originality
  • Aesthetic functionality and conceptual separability
  • Joint authorship and joint ownership
  • Damages and attorney fee recovery
  • “Thin” copyright
  • Merger, scenes à faire and public domain
  • Work for hire agreements
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